mekong catfish in phuket thailand

Pair of Giant Mekong Catfish by Swedish Guys

Two fishermen from Sweden landed a pair of monster mekong catfish. They were fishing with one rod each and landed...
26kg siamese carp phuket fishing park

Terry Atkin – 26kg Siamese Carp

Terry Atkin from Sheffield, England. Siamese Carp. Customer Comment: Most fish l have caught in a day and beat my...
phuket fishing park new lake

Phuket Fishing Park – New Lake

Phuket Fishing Park's New lake The new Phuket Fishing Park lake is open and its proving more popular. It's much...
Martin Sydney 23kg Siamese Carp Thailand

Martin Sydney – 23 kg Siamese Carp

Martin lives in Sydney but originally from Manchester, England. Siamese Carp. Comment: "Biggest carp l have ever landed"
Phuket Fishing Park - Large Pira Pacu

Large Pira Pacu

Great day out Sunday 15th Oct at Phuket Fishing Parks new lake.
Phuket Fishing Park - Thomas Austria 16kg Siamese Carp

Thomas Austria – 16kg Siamese Carp

Thomas  from Austria. Age : 37.Siamese Carp 16kgs. Caught on 6 pd line. Customer Comment: Wow what a days fishing,...