Igor Vasin caught 5 species in a day last 31kg Siamese Carp

Igor Vasin. Caught 5 fish species in a day. Last one of the day 31 KG Siamese Carp. Fishing with 2 Rods. 1 bait 1 Fish. Age 44. Comment : "Even got a redtail, the best day fishing EVER !!!"
30-40kg siamese carp phuket fishing park

Bilal South Africa – 40kg Siamese Carp

Bilal Jeeva from South Africa, Gaulang, Preturia caught 2 big Siamese Carps weighing around 30-40kg. Bilal's comments: Fantastic Venue, View, Broke my PB times!!! One was around 30--40kg. Thanks for a fantastic fishing experience, Chris and to all the great Staff at AC's Phuket Fishing Park !!!!!!!!
big carp tim 11yrs 31kg phuket hailand

Timofei Aleksandroovich – Big Carp 31kg

Timofei Aleksandroovich, 11 years old. Has lived in Thailand for 8 years Now and attends the British International School. He and his friends come every Sunday afternoon for a relaxing arvo of fishing. Young Tim caught the fish of his LIFE !!! 31 Kg Siamese Carp The BIGGEST fish have ever caught, it was a hard battle and l really enjoyed it   !!!
32kg siamese carp phuket fishing park

Daniel Costello England – 32kg Siamese Carp

Daniel Costello is from England and caught himself a 32kg Siamese Carp at Phuket Fishing Park. Daniel's comment: "Wow amazing fishing, that good at the end of the day. Booked in again in 3 days time!!!!"
33kg siamese carp fishing in phuket

Artem 11 yrs Russia – 33kg Carp Phuket

Artem an 11 year old boy from Russia landed the catch of his life, a massive 33kg Siamese Carp at Phuket Fishing Park. He was on holiday in Phuket from St Petersburg Russia. Well done from us! "wow what a fish, it weights more than me!!!" Artem
34kg carp caught in thailand

Andrey Kopustin – 34kg Siamese Carp

Andrey Kopustin from Moscow Russia. Age: 43. Caught a 34kg Siamese Carp at Phuket Fishing Park. Andrey's comment: "Wow biggest freshwater fish l have ever caught!!!"