Asian Redtail Catfish

The Asian redtail catfish is native to Thailand.

Species Profile – Asian Redtail Catfish

These catfish originate from the Mekong basin and are reported from Chao Phraya, Mae Klong and peninsular Thailand river systems.

H. wyckioides reaches a length of 130 centimetres (50 in) TL.[1] This species is the largest Bagrid catfish in Asia and may reach 80 kilograms.[2] The caudal fin is white when the fish is small, but it becomes bright red when it reaches about 15 cm (6 in).[1]

H. wyckii bears a resemblance to H. wyckioides, however H. wyckioides lacks serrations on the dorsal fin spine, has a shorter dorsal fin base, and shorter maxillary barbels.[2]